Become A Humanitarian

Interested in helping Rohingya refugees? Do you belong to a group like a company, school, church, gym, organization, team, club, graduating classes etc.? Group fundraising is an impactful way to help alleviate Rohingya refugee suffering by raising money to support medical care. 100% of the funds you raise will go directly towards providing critical health services in a Rohingya refugee camp. No living creature on earth should have to withstand one second of the unimaginable physical and emotional pain the Rohingya deal with every second of every day, and alleviating suffering through medical care reminds them that they are not forgotten.  

Any amount of funds raised will help alleviate suffering. If your group is competitive and wants to set a targeted goal, the chart below amplifies how easy it is to hit a targeted goal of $20,000 based on the size of your group.  

Group Size Fundraising Amount Per Member
50 people $400
25 people $800
10 people $2,000
5 people $4,000

If you are interested in group fundraising, please contact Kel Kelly at



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