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Our Glimmer Parks are an incredibly impactful way for groups – companies, schools, churches, gyms, organizations, teams, clubs, graduating classes etc. -- to help the refugees through a fundraising initiative to fund an outdoor gym park in a refugee camp.

The goal for the fundraising initiative is $25,000.
The $25,000 fully funds a new outdoor Glimmer Park in a refugee camp. Additionally, that includes a 5 x 5 foot sign with your organization’s logo. If members of your group would like to be at the refugee camp on opening day of the outdoor gym park your organization funded, our Founder, Kel Kelly, will join you at the camp. Depending on the camp, it may also be possible to hold an event with some of the refugee children to allow them to create art via spray paint on the fencing material. We believe this will be one of the most joyous experiences of your life.

Group Size Fundraising Amount Per Member
50 people $500
25 people $1,000
10 people $2,500
5 people $5,000
1 person $25,000

If you are interested, please contact Kel Kelly at



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